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Our Philosophy

The TFCA provides leadership to career and volunteer Fire Chiefs, Chief Fire Officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the State of Tennessee through vision, information, education, service and representation to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The TN Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) also encourages the professional advancement of the fire service to ensure and maintain greater protection of life and property from fire and natural or man-made disasters.

Our Accomplishments


The Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association has a long history of sponsoring and spearheading initiatives that benefit fire safety throughout the State of Tennessee.


Such accomplishments include:


  • Mandatory minimum firefighter training requirements.


  • Mandatory minimum training for Fire Chiefs.


  • State Fire Department Recognition Act.


  • State certified fire and building inspectors.


  • Mandatory fire sprinklers in nursing homes.


  • Mandatory smoke alarms in rental property.


  • Tennessee Fire Mortality Study and statewide smoke alarm programs.


  • Statewide Fire Department Mutual Aid System.


  • Statewide Firefighter Line of Duty Death Benefits.


  • State of the art fire and codes training academy (TFACA).


  • Tennessee Fallen Firefighter Memorial.


  • Legislation for Fire Safe Cigarette Law in Tennessee.


  • Legislation to Ban Dangerous Novelty Lighters in Tennessee.


  • Legislation to Ban Dangerous Sky Lanterns in Tennessee.

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